The Poetry of Helen and Diane Graebner

A Photo of Diane and Helen in 1984
Diane and Helen Graebner
High School Graduation,1984
I remember visiting Grandmother's house when I was a child!  My favorite memories of those visits centered around the wonderful stories she would tell us at bedtime.  Even as an adult, I always looked forward to visiting with Grandmother and hearing her stories.  Grandmother also loved to read and write poetry.  Her yearly Christmas poem was always eagerly awaited by everyone in the Graebner family.  Grandmother's poetry inspired me to write my own.  I began writing poems as a young child, and have continued to enjoy writing as an adult.

Grandmother wrote poetry about life. She wrote about her travels all over the world, and about her feelings about what was going on in society. She wrote about her husband, my Grandfather, Albert Graebner, including many poems of mourning after his death. She wrote inspirational poetry; always finding beauty in the world God created. She wrote of childhood, and whimsy. I have tried to include the same themes in many of my poems. In my childhood I tended to write about the world around me, viewed through young eyes. My more recent work tends to reflect my optimistic views.
It has always been my goal to combine Grandma's work and my own into a single collection.

This website is a collection of my poetry and hers.
I hope you enjoy!

Helen Graebner passed away on August 12, 2004. She was 92. Diane created a memorial tribute, including an original poem entitled "The Book" to honor her Grandmother.

by Diane Graebner

In 1980, Diane had the opportunity to interview Helen Graebner as part of an English class assignment. Helen's answers were extremely insightful!

by Diane Graebner

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