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We do use a statistical service to see how people are finding our site and where they are visiting from. This information is not used for anything other than a broad overview of who is visiting to enable us to improve the site and its contents. No personal information other than the visitor's computer information is collected or used for this purpose. The only information collected is:
We do not store personal information such as IP addresses or domain names that are collected for statistical purposes.

We do not ask for personal information from people who come to this site. The exception is our blog, which does collect names and email addresses on a voluntary basis if you choose to register. Information posted on the blog in the form of comments is viewable by everyone who visits the blog.

As you consider leaving a comment on the blog, we want to assure you that we do not use your name or email address for any other purpose. You will not receive any mailings from us. We are only interested in knowing who has visited our page. You are not put onto any lists, and we do not sell your name or email address to anyone else. If you wish to remove your blog comment, you may do so by contacting the webmaster.

This site contains links to other Internet sites. These links are not endorsements of any products or services in such sites. Although we would not purposefully link to a site that was not "family safe" we cannot be responsible for the content in those sites.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact the webmaster.

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