Interview with Helen Graebner

by Diane Graebner

On December 2, 1980, I turned in a creative writing assignment for my 9th Grade English class. I was told to interview someone I admired. I chose my Grandmother. I was given a series of suggested questions and told to choose the ones I wanted to ask. Here is the interview!

My interview was with Helen Graebner. She is my Grandmother from Kansas City, Missouri, and a retired school teacher. She has traveled all over the world and seen many far away places. Here are the questions I asked her in the interview, and the answers she gave.

That was my interview with Helen Graebner. I did not have a chance to ask all of the questions I wanted to, but I did get some terrific answers to the questions I did have a chance to ask!

Note from my teacher on my interview paper: "What a perceptive person she is. She gave such beautiful answers.
I love her philosophies of life and people. Very interesting and complete interview." I agree!

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