Thank You's and Credits
I'd like to thank all of the teachers in my ife, who encouraged me to read books and poetry, and most importantly - To WRITE! I'd especially like to thank Mrs. Velasco (3rd Grade), Mrs. Turner (5th Grade), Mrs. Carnes (6th Grade), and Mrs. Parker (6th Grade)

A special thank you to the two teachers who inspired me the most:  Miss Muench (6th Grade), who still thinks of me as a writer, and Mrs. Sauvie (10th Grade), the "myth-fit" who taught us to write in "Creative You" during second hour!

There are three other teachers in my life who have inspired me to read and write since I was an infant:  My mother, with whom I share a love for poetry, and a firm belief it should be read out loud; My father who read to me when I was little, and who still reads my stories and poems and at least says he enjoys them; and my Grandmother, who writes and tells such fabulous tales, I can't help but want to do the same.

Never forget your teachers!

Since this is my first Website attempt, I received LOTS of help from the following:

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Unless otherwise indicated, most images are photos taken by Albert, Bruce or Diane Graebner. Some of the images with the poems are personal or home photographs manipulated using photo editing software like MGI Photosuite among others.

Some more people to whom I owe my thanks:

A super special Thank You to Mom and Dad for scanning pictures and hunting all over the house for folders of poetry! Also a Thank You to all the other relatives who happily handed over folders of poems and pictures that they found buried in their homes!

Thank you to my brother Jeff, for giving me his honest opinion of my site - and for letting me embarrass him by putting his baby pictures on the web! He's also responsible for our wonderful domain name - which was our Christmas present from him! Thank you for!

And a SUPER Special Thank You to Grandmother for Writing Such Wonderful Poems!!!

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