A Poem of Love For My Mother and Father

by Diane Graebner

Along the dusty road of life, we travel every day
And we're forever changed by those we meet along the way.
So when we meet our heart's true friend and find that special one
We'll walk side by side forever, 'till our journey's done.

But will we recognize the face of that one special friend?
Or will we walk with downcast eyes around the path's next bend?
For some may choose to turn away and walk the trail alone;
Casting off that helping hand until that hand is gone.

But if we take that outstretched hand our hearts will recognize
Our true love seen reflected, within each other's eyes.
And hand in hand we'll journey on although the road grows steep
We'll help each other through it, and each other safe we'll keep.
Through all life's highways' twists and turns where'er the road may wind
We'll make our way together:
One heart, One hand, One mind.

Mom and Dad
Marilyn & Bruce Graebner

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