Owed to a Dog

(An Intentional Play on Words)
by Diane Graebner

You stop at every tree and bush,
as we walk along our way.

It's three a.m.: I want to sleep,
YOU only want to play!

You leave me "presents" in the hall
while I'm away at work.

And at the slightest little sound
you simply go berserk.

You've tipped your food dish upside down -
the kibble's strewn about;

But do you REALLY love me?
I haven't ANY doubt!

You're with me twenty-four hours a day
through good times and through bad.

And you are there to comfort me,
whenever I am sad.

You tumble gracefully off the couch
and make me laugh out loud.

You "sit" and "stay" when visitors call
which makes me very proud.

When life's enough to make me cry
you lick away my tears.

And when a stranger lurks outside
your bark will ease my fears.

You're my lifelong companion;
my best friend, sent by God.

And I'm a better person now
that I call YOU my dog!

Diane and Isabella
Diane meets Isabella
For the first time!

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