by Helen Graebner

Is more than a faded word
On a wrinkled

Love is carrying out the garbage
Without complaining;
And cleaning your room
Without being told --
(At least not more than twice!)

Love is being
Of others and their feelings
And concerned
For their needs.

Love is knowing
When your mother is tired
And setting the table
Before she asks.
It is knowing
When your father has had a hard day
And playing with your
Baby brother to keep him quiet
Or not fighting with your sister
Over the TV program
You want to see.

Love is collecting Christmas cards
To send to a mission school in Africa -
Which is easy.
But it is also being kind
To the creep next door
Or in the next seat at school -
Which is hard!

Love is a good warm feeling
When Mother says, "Thank you, dear."
For something you've done.
And Father says, "Great!"
When he sees your report card
That has more 'C's than 'A's.

Love is a soft purring kitten
Curled against your cheek
And a puppy licking your hand.

Love is a smile
And a song
And a cheery disposition.

Love is going to bed
And feeling safe
Because Father and Mother are there -
And God -

Love is the most
Wonderful gift
You can give
Or receive...
I wish YOU love!

Diane and Jeff
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