Heaven's Park

by Diane Graebner

Saint Peter sits at heaven's gate, his gilded book in hand;
Upon it writes the names of those admitted to the Promised Land.

As each is called, he speaks their names, and writes them on the page.
And then below he writes their deeds; the story of their age.

And when each life is written down, upon its golden line;
Each man or beast goes through the gate into a land divine.

All worldly cares are thus relieved; all troubles cease to be;
Each one released from mortal woes, and earthly frailty.

There came a time a small frail dog approached the heavenly port;
His fragile legs could barely stand without a hand's support.

He looked about with fading eyes, and trembled on the mat;
St. Peter softly wrote his name, then gave his head a pat.

And then with one last gentle touch, the gates were opened wide;
The tiny pup first faltered, then slowly limped inside.

In front of him there suddenly, appeared a great green field;
He felt his cares all melt away, his pain and anguish healed.

A gentle light shone all about, where trees and flowers grew,
Be-speckled by the rays of light, and gently washed by dew.

And there he plays eternally, within that heavenly park.
And angels smile to watch him romp, and hear his cheerful bark.

PT Barnum and Charity
In honor of my dogs Phineas Taylor Barnum,
who died on September 23, 2009
and Charity, who died January 19, 2011

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