God's Problem

by Helen Graebner

When God surveyed his handiwork --
the deep, clear blue of space;
The suns, the worlds, the moons,
each in its own appointed place;
The burning stars which moved,
each in its separate course;
The heat, the light, the energy
of which He was the source;
White suns with planets whirling
in solar system vast,
And atoms which in miniature
were from this pattern cast,
He must have felt a wonder
at these things He had so wrought
And look'd about for someone else
to share his glorying thought.
But as the crash which follows a
forest giant's fall
Must have an ear to listen or
there is no noise at all,
God felt the need of contact with
a mind to comprehend,
To understand and wonder as the
silent planets wend
Their ways of mystic wandering
throughout eternal space.
And so within the pattern formed
Man came to take his place,
To be God's friend and partner
and in joyousness to reign
All the greatness and the power of
these worlds -- their joint domain.

The spinning planets keep their ways
in strict obedience still,
But Man goes off on tangents at his
own erratic will,
While God in doubt must leave it
for the future still to prove:
Is Man His great achievement --
a work begun to end in love?
Or is - among the atoms which he has
the power to break --
Man going to prove at last to be
God's only great mistake?

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