by Helen Graebner

God must get lonely sometimes being God.
I think He'd like to have us stop awhile
Along the way
And pass the time of day
And say:
"See that tree over there?
The one so gold and tall.
It's beautiful!
I'm glad you made the fall!"

Or on a summer morning
When the sky's its bluest blue,
"I'm glad, God, you like that hue
And used it for the sky.
Green's all right for grass and trees
But blue's the perfect color for up high."

"And lady bugs and bumble bees --
Somehow they make me smile.
And praying mantises!
Were you chuckling while
You made them, God?"

And in the spring,
When all the creatures sing,
And trees all have their leaves unfurled,
"God, thank you, it's a lovely world!"

Japanese Garden
"Epcot Garden"
by Diane Graebner

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