The Book

by Diane Graebner

The year was 1912, when God picked up His pen
And in His gilded heavenly book, a story did begin.

He told a tale of happiness, and of a life lived well;
Love and joy and laughter within her soul did dwell.

A theme of creativity, ran all throughout the text
Poems, prose, and puppetry; within her heart expressed.

He wrote of education, and thirst for knowledge too -
A quest to learn about the world, which no one could subdue.

The tale turned to adventure, and travels far and near.
To many a wondrous far-off land she toured without fear.

And then it spoke of caring, and generosity,
With courage of conviction, tempered with mercy.

The story was a tale of love, a marriage heaven-blessed,
Between a man and woman, each other's heart possessed.

He wrote for more than ninety years; filled every single page,
The paper old and wrinkled had yellowed in its age.

God knew that He'd said everything that He could ever write.
His masterpiece was finished, about a life lived right.

He softly closed the cover, and put the book away -
For those who knew and loved her to re-read every day.

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