Mother Earth

by Diane Graebner

There's a reason we call it "Mother Earth,"
This planet that nurtured, and gave us birth.

For a mother gives of herself when a child is there
Her pain; her hope; her love; her prayers.

And each creature, each flower, each plant and stone
Is a gift from our "mother", to call our own.

For like the Earth, a mother's gifts
Are part of her soul; are what she is.

A mother's love, a mother's song,
A mother's milk and arm so strong

Are all there to guide; To protect and provide

From a child's youngest days.

And as that child grows, and flies from the nest,
A mothers prayers are the armor that makes every test
Though difficult, a task none the less

A mother's shoulder is also there
To cry on, or to ease any care

That burdens a child in any way.

So to my mothers, both of you true,
"Mother Earth", and mother -- you.

I give back some of what was given to me
I give back my soul, my life to thee.

And when I hear a bird's sweet song
Or smell a flower, or ponder long

Over cloud, or sunset, or the sun's heat strong.

I'll think of my mother, and though we're apart
I'll always have her in my heart.

Mother and Diane
Mother with Diane

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