Handyman's Wife

by Helen Graebner

There are radio parts on the living room chairs,
Hammers and nails all over the stairs.
I trip over pliers
And get tangled up in wires
For I'm married to a handy man,
A mechanical-minded man
And we have a dandy son -
And identical-minded fan
Of motors and airplanes and all things that run.
And I live in a daze,
A veritable maze
Of hammers and nails and airplane parts,
Of screweyes and crystals and radio charts.
But when I pound nails
My aim somehow fails
And -- I don't think I'm dumb --
But I hammer my thumb!
So I clean and I sew,
And mix up cookie dough
And I'm happy in my daze
My mechanical maze
Of radios and engines and other things that run.
For there never is a lull
And life is never dull
With a mechanic for a husband and another for a son!

Bruce brushing teeth
Young Bruce

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