America and Me

by Diane Graebner

America the land of free
the land of waves upon the sand
the land of trees that cast their shadows
upon the shores of this great land

Her purple mountains rising high
and sunshine shining bright
her cities sparkling in the sun
wheat fields gleaming in sunlight

A land of birds that sing their song
away up in the trees
of little flowers pink and blue
that are kissed by all the bees

I hope that I may help this land grow
I'll work with all my might
to help prevent disease and hurt
against these things I'll fight.

I hope that I may help this land
to keep it beautiful and clean
to keep the sky all free of smog
and keep the grasses shining green

To help her in her battling rage
to keep this country free
I know that I must do my part
it is up to me.

Diane wrote this poem on October, 26, 1979 for the "America and Me" essay contest, open to all eighth graders across the United States. The essay contest, designed to help students think about their future in America, was judged on the local level in Flint, Michigan first. Winning essays went on to the State and National levels. Although she did not place in the State or National competitions, Diane placed first in the local judging!

There were a few articles written about Diane's winning essay. Read them RIGHT HERE.

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